Bags of Support is the home of the ecoFriendly Fruit and Veggie bag.  Our bags are used at the supermarket in place of plastic bags, for your produce.  They are made of strong hygenic mesh and can hold over 3 kg of produce.  You can weight, wash and store your fruit and veggies in the bags, and then reuse them at the supermarket on your next visit.  They are also very useful for holding everyday objects like stationary, golf balls, all those rechargers and cables, small kids toys the list is limited to your imagination. They are inexpensive and put an end to using plastic bags forever.  Bags of Support is dedicated to making a difference to our environment.
Bags of Support also donates 10% of its profits to research into Gynaecological Cancer.

Every ecoFriendly Fruit and Veggie Bag supports two worthwhile causes - our environment and important cancer research.  That's quite a lot for one small bag! 
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